Saturday, November 22, 2008

It Is Not Easy

Actually, it isn't so hard to speak english fluently. It just the matter of thinking. The way we think is never been the same as the way we have to think using foreign languange. Now, to speak english is to think in englih in our mind. That's how to do it. That's how to learn to speak in english. The words and sentences cannot be the same between mother's tongue language and english language.

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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Letter to my son

Suddenly I thought of writing a letter to my beloved son, danial. The idea just came up to me when I realized that human will undergo different stages of life - unborn baby, newborn baby, toddler, children, teenager, getting married, having children, become an old citizen, then lie in peace forever....

I will write about anything happen to him daily or when it's necessary for him so that he will not forget the memorable/unforgettable moment.

I also going to write what my husband and I did to tackle any problem created from my beloved son.

The aim is only one - so that he knows how his early days were like and as a guide to him to raise and taking care of his own family especially his own child-to-be. I hope that the letter will help him reach his very own happy life

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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Second Life

I'm getting pregnant! (again) I am now 26 weeks pregnant. For a second one. I can say that this is an unplanned child.

Anyway, we (me and my husband) regard this as a God will. No matter how hard it is, we'll make sure both the boys (it's a baby boy again) get the very best from us. And wish that God will help us raising these boys so that they will become a very good men inside out.

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Thursday, February 08, 2007

The Dead of Anna Nicole Smith

pic from

Anna who? Whoever she is, it is sad when someone died beacause of that damn DRUG.

Why on earth should that damn thing be taken by someone (in this case someone with money, status and glam).When everybody knows the effect of drug, there's always somebody who took granted of her/his life by taking those "end of life" food. When there is so much food that can be consume by human being, we still got people who is addicted to those "end of life" food.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

It's Sad

In order to get good internet connection, I had to get a new handphone. I use Nokia 3200 (I called her Miss pinky) and now need to trade in Miss pinky to get those 6020 model. Huwwaaaaaaa...:( I love Miss pinky....

Got a load of memories with miss pinky. Having my baby's first pic with miss pinky, having first polyphonic hphone from miss pinky. Huwaaaaa........I am heartbroken...My heart is broken into pieces.

Bye bye miss pinky. I will always keep u in my mind. U are my sweetest memory. I LOVE UUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!

p/s : wish whoever bought her will take care of her love her so much like I did.


My Internet Connection

I'm having difficulties in having internet connection at my home. At first taught, I decided to use streamyx services, but the contract wrote that I have to use it for 12 months before I can get the line disconnect.

The problem is, I'm going to move out from the house in 3 months time. Then how in earth can I use the service.

Then I searched around for internet service provider available. I searched the web using Mr Google, asked friends, families. One day, when went shopping with my husband nad my son, I came across one of the handphone shop. Asked the salesperson about internet connection available at my hometown, and he suggested me using wireless internet broadband from Digi. The service cost a little bit higher than streamyx, but I know I can afford the bill.

So, now, with RM99 a month plus RM20 for service fee, I am now connected to the 'world'...

What a pleasure!!!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

My Dear SonThis is my almost 2 years old son. Sleeping in a cradle like a prince charming. Soo sweet, sound too good to be sleepy like that.

My dear son,
my live changed so much after you've born to this world. You light up my world, my life, my everything. LIfe will never been the same again. That dull, odd world
had already passed by. Mama and ayah will always luv and care for u....

Monday, July 17, 2006

Offshore House : Isn't Safe Anymore!?

110 peaople died, along the 110 miles of beach. Well, I cannot sleep well last night. Tsunami struck again. Leaving horror to offshore resident around the world. Even if I am not living near beach, the fact that tsunami can go as far as hundred yards inland flattened my stomach.

Human do a lot of bad things, leaving themself prone to be a victim of mother nature. It seems that God will not allow us anymore to do such bad things to other.

So, everybody, be wise, don't hurt anyone anymore. Live in harmony.....

Whatz Up?

What is it about this blog? Here we can share articles, thoughts and everything which is written in english. In hope that someone out there can understand what we are trying to tell. Isn't it fun? YOu can mail me your article(s) and I'll publish it in my next post if it is interesting enough to share with. But, hey, hey, hey... in one condition. No explicit article, no pornography.